Hey guys! We’re having our very first giveaway in order to encourage you guys to preorder DC Pierson’s second book Crap Kingdom. If you forward the receipt that Amazon or whoever else emails you to DC Pierson himself, he will rap your name into a custom rap. Read all about that chance to gain internet immortality HERE.

Things up for grab:
1. A signed and drawn-in copy of DC Pierson’s first novel The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To
2. A copy of DERRICK’s Mystery Team, signed by DC Pierson and Dominic Dierkes. You’re gonna have to get Donald’s signature yourself, every single time I get a chance to see the guys do improv and I bring the copy of the movie for Donald to sign, he’s doing something else.
3. Community (season 3), on DVD
4. Childish Gambino’s Camp on vinyl (includes a download code if you don’t have a record player)

How to enter:
1. You can get ONE entry into this contest by: LIKING this post
2. You can get TWO entries into this contest by: REBLOGGING this post. An additional TWO entries can be had by: RETWEETING THIS tweet

If you reblog, like, AND retweet, that’ll be 5 entries into the contest. I’ll keep you guys updated on the contest throughout the next few days. Contest ends THURSDAY, February 21 at midnight (PST).

Good luck! Any additional questions can be asked HERE or HERE